M Universal Tablestand HD Black 35"-43"

This product is discontinued and is shown only for archive purposes

Multibrackets M Universal Tablestand - Stand for LCD / plasma panel - black - screen size: 32" - 46" - wall-mountable, table-top

Multibrackets Universal Tablestand is one of the most discrete and elegant tablestands of its kind. In the back pillar of the tablestand you can easily hide all cables.

The black wallmount is included with the M Universal Tablestand package. The black wallmount blends in perfectly with the back of the screen, and also enables you to fasten the screen to the wall if you should like to at a later stage.

Thanks to the Multibrackets Anti-theft system, you can lock the screen to the tablestand.

The M Universal Wallmount and the M Universal Wallmount Super Slim are patented by Multibrackets.
Patent SE 526 502
Patent DK, FI, IT, NL, PL, RO, CH, ES, GB, TR, CZ, FR 1 725 779
Patent DE 60 2005 022 569.2-08
Patent US 7,661,640

M Universal Tablestand Black 32"-46"
For screen size:32-46"
Universal:Max holepattern 700 mm wide and 450 mm high
VESA standard:200x100 200x200 300x300 400x200 400x400 600x400 mm
Article No:7 350 022 732 070
Size in mm:600x300x600 (WxDxH)
Weight:22 kg
Max load:50 kg
Warranty:5 years

Suitable for: LCD & Plasma
Screensize: 32-46"
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