M Motorized Tilt Mount Large

Multibrackets M Motorized Tilt Mount - Wall mount for LCD TV - black - screen size: 40" - 52"

The M Motorized Tilt Mount is a tilt mount type motorized TV arm. It tilts your TV screen up to 15 degrees. This allows you to watch your TV in an optimal angle from your TV sofa.

As the M Motorized Tilt Mount optimizes your TV angle, it also makes the most out your living room setting and can create an optimal viewing angle for home or office environments. Furthermore the possibility to a preset preferred tilt angle gets rid of your juggling with your remote control over and over again, getting your TV into the right position.

The M Motorized Tilt Mount also has a built in safety protection function that kicks in if something blocks its tilt movement, it automatically the goes to a full stop.

Overall the M Motorized Tilt Mount is both functional and stylish. With that said when the TV is turned off, your M Motorized Tilt Mount returns to its home position.

In an non extended position the M Motorized Tilt Mount builds only 25mm from the wall, making it a perfect partner for a Slim LCD or LED TV.

M Motorized Tilt Mount Large
For screen size:40-52"
VESA standard:300x300 400x300 400x400 mm
Article No:7 350 022 736 443
Max load:22,5 kg
Distribution package:available in a moment
Warranty:1 year
Remote control:Any IR remote control (RC5 standard only)
Power:DC12V, 0,5A
Weight:7 kg
Tilt angle:0 — +15 degrees
Size in mm:available in a moment
Gift box size in mm:available in a moment

Suitable for: LCD, LED
Screensize: 40-52"
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